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We Know. It's Hard to Believe It!

The Coventry Fitness 4 Minute Workout (ROM) delivers an excellent cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises for members of any age or physical condition. And yes, it only takes 4 minutes!

Our revolutionary 4 minute cross trainer has two exercise stations engineered to engage almost all of the muscle groups in the upper and lower body, and uses them 80% of their Range of a fantastic 4 minute workout. 

Our 4 Minute Workout has been performance tested at USC's Department of Exercise Sciences, and the results concluded: the ROM gives the same cardiovascular benefits as does 25 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, in a fraction of the time. 

The 4 Minute Gym is fast becoming the exercise of the elite. Luminaries such as Spielberg, Travolta, Stallone, and Cruise use the same 4 Minute Workout. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins saves at least of hour of exercise daily. He calls the ROM "the best time management tool ever". The 4 Minute Workout is being used by the US Women's Olympic Swim Team, US Navy Seals, and the Phoenix Fire Department. 

Coventry Fitness is the ONLY area health club that has this sophisticated piece of equipment to ensure that anyone (including you!) can enjoy the benefits of the world's most time-efficient workout, at a fraction of the cost. 

Prospective members can try out the 4 Minute Workout and all of the club facilities before you join with a trial membership!

The 4 Minute Workout lets you rebuild in record time the muscle you have lost during years of inactivity. Everyone from highly trained athletes to senior citizens will attain better muscle tone, balanced blood sugar, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, more flexibility, stamina and strength working out at Coventry Fitness. 


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